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Body Switching Part 1
"I can't believe we are having a sleep over right now,"John sighed.
Jeff patted his brother on the back,"Aw you know it's going to be super fun~"
"Of course,"John rolled his eyes.
"Guys shut up the movie is starting!"Luna yelled at them as she sat next to Cheri on the floor with a bowl of popcorn in her hands.
"Pfff yeah guys,"Toby chuckled from the couch, a bowl of popcorn in his hands as well.
"What movie even is this?"Adan asked.
Stone smirked and wrapped an arm casually around Adan's shoulders,"I think it's called The Possession."
Adan rolled his eyes and tried to ignore Stone's arm around him.
"Shh!" Matthew said and sat down next to Toby on the couch.
Cheri, Luna, Stone, Adan, John, and Jeff sat on the floor cuddled up with blankets and pillows.  While Matthew and Toby sat on the couch sense it was their house.  They all watched the screen as some old lady was sitting there trying to open a box.  She left the room and returned with a  glass of water and a hamm
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The Chase For Dark
"Officer Doorknob we haz to catch Dark!" Luna said and pulled out her Potato gun that really hurts when you get hit with the potato.
Feral gasped in surprise. "SHE COMMITTED A CRIME? NOT MY FAIRY GOD MOTHER NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" she screamed and flipped the fuck out like the weasel king because she had eaten a shit ton of
sugar earlier.
Dark is snuggled with Simon's in her potato sack that is hidden away
"She murdered Bird and Hidden! I'm sad about Bird dying but Hidden not so much..." Luna said scratching the back of her head,"But who knows who she is going after next!"
"DUNCANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN " she screeched and grabbed her -katar- potato gun.
"We must go!" Luna ran over to the cop car and hopped in.
Feral jumped on top of the car because yolo.  Luna starts to drive like really fast to catch up with Dark.
 Feral pterodactyl skrees while riding on top of the car.  Dark is still in a potato sack filled with Simon's. Steps on the brakes and almost crashes in
:iconjohnmorrisonfan1557:JohnMorrisonFan1557 1 2
The Life of Jalapeno Chapter 9 Das Not Even Black
The Life of Jalapeño: Das Not Even Black and Fifty Shades of Brown
Jalapeño walked down the street, kicking some pebbles as he went by.  He was having a mental debate whether or not to stop by James’ house. 

What if he’s super mad?’

Why would he even be mad though…’

‘Is he jealous because I’m going to the dance with Kaylee?’
Pff that’s dumb you are so stupid Jalapeño.”
Jalapeño laughed quietly at his stupidity and decided to visit his old friend.  He took the quickest route he knew and got there as fast as he could.  Jalapeño walked up to the front door and knocked.  It took a couple of seconds before it opened and J
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To Da Mall With Duncan
I smiled as I walked down the street with my best friends Lil Jimmy, Cara, Adam, Michael, Tiffany, and Selena.  We were about to go pick up my boyfriend Duncan from his house so we could go to the mall and shit. We got there in about ten minutes and knocked on the door.
It opened a couple of seconds later and standing in the doorway was Duncan in a lab coat, rubber gloves, and goggles.
"Hey Duncan!" I smiled at him.
"Are doing science and shit again bro?" Lil Jimmy asked.
Duncan shrugged and took off his goggles and gloves and tossed them somewhere in his house.
"So are you gonna keep that lab coat on?" Cara asked.
"Why not?" Duncan asked,"I like it."
"Follow your dreams Duncan follow your dreams," Michael said putting his hand on Duncan's shoulder.
"Any way let's go!" I grinned and started walking back towards the street.
"Sarah you are crazy," Tiffany giggled and followed me.
 ~*At The Mall*~
"Imma head over to like Hot Topic?" Michael said and grabbed Cara and Lil Jimmy.
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A 2 Sp00ky 4 U Story Part 1
I looked out the window in the car and waited for Dani and Andrea to get off Tumblr and get out here.
"How long are they going to take?" Jamie groaned and banged his head on the back of the chair in front of him.
"S'okay buddy hold in there," Ryan said patting his back.
"I'll go get them," Sarah said and exited the car, and walking into the house.  A few minutes later Sarah returned with Dani and Andrea in tow.
"Jeez what took you guys so long?" Ryan asked glancing at them.
"Sorry but all I can say is Tumblr and Homestuck," Dani said holding her hands up and sat in the passenger seat.
"Can we go now?" I asked getting squished in the back seat with Jamie, Ryan, and Andrea.
"Yes please!" Jamie sighed in relief and finally stopped banging his head.
So with that Sarah got in the drivers seat and drove to their destination which was in Topeka, Kansas.
~*Hours Later*~
"OH MY GOD WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG," Jamie groaned and flailed his arms about almost hitting me a
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There once was a boy named Toby was walking in the park with his amazing black sweater.  Toby was joined by his bestie who was named Martyn Littlewood.  The two were flying a kite that had pink stripes on it.  They both were skipping through park going LALALALALALALALALA.
"Omg Martyn do you see that guy in the lab coat over there?" Toby asked.
Martyn grabbed a sword "TO BATTLE!"
"Wait isn't that like Duncan?" he asked as he fixed his princess crown.
Rythian came in randomly and stabbed Duncan and smiled "My mission is complete"
"Well shiz," Toby said and crossed his arms over his chest.
Martyn blinked "TOBY! LET US GO BEFORE HE KILLS US AS WELL!" then he skips away with Toby.
"Hey Martyn guess what!"Toby grinned as he skipped away.
"Yes Toby?" Martyn said with a derp face.
Says in a girly voice,"Im a pretty princess!"
Martyn laughed "Yes you are a pretty princess"
"Yaaaaay,"and they continued to skip in the amazing meadow of flowers.
Simon was digging a hole with tnt "IN
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Merry Fudging Christmas 38D
I ran my hand threw my neck length brown hair before running downstairs where Steve From Accounting and Captain Awesome of Shit were.  As I ran downstairs I tripped over one of my feet and fall down the stairs.  As I fell down the last of the steps, I just laid there on the floor like a derp.
"I warned you about stairs bro, I told you dog :Y," Steve From Accounting said.
"How about u shut da fuq up," I said getting up.
"Liek guys can we open gifts now?" Captain Awesome of Shit asked.
"Omg yes," I ran over to da tree and like unwrapped all dem gifts.
Dey all got everything they wanted :333
Da End c:
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The Life of Jalapeno Chapter 8 He's Gon Get Pissed
The Life of Jalapeño: He's Gon Get Pissed
Jalapeño sat down on the floor and leaned against the wall.
"Hey Jalapeño no slacking we're almost done!" Aleks called over to him.
"Yeah!" Jeff said as he stood on a ladder, hanging something.
Jalapeño rolled his eyes and got up a again and walked over to help Ramafactions with the final touches.  Studying it for a while Jalapeño  shrugged and turned towards the others.
"I think every thing is done," Jalapeño said,"Hey could one of you go get Mrs. FlowyFingers so she can check it out?"
A boy with short blonde hair nodded,"I'll do it!" 
Jeff sat down on top of the ladder,"Now we play the waiting game."
"Hey Jeff would you be mad if i pushed you off that ladder?" Ramafactions asked.
"Probably," Jeff shrugged.
Ramafactions nodded and leaned back against the wall.  Jalapeño looked over at Glenys #PenisFinder who was currently walking over to h
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The Life of Jalapeno Chapter 7 Fuckin' Bandanas
The Life of Jalapeño: Fuckin' Bandanas!
"Ready to go Jalapeño?" Aleks asked leaning against the wall next to Ramafactions, Best Friend, and James.
"Yup!" Jalapeño nodded and walked towards the door but stopped,"wait a sec where is Jeff wasn't he suppose to join us?" 
“Wait a sec Jeff was suppose to come with us to your house!” Best Friend nodded.
“Well where is he?” Ramafactions asked.
Jalapeño shrugged and swung his bag over his shoulder,”Dunno but we have to go look for him.”
“Hey try calling or texting him,” James suggested.
“Great idea!” Aleks agreed and dug his
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The Life of Jalapeno Chapter 6 Stop Twerkin' It
The Life of Jalapeño:  Stop Twerkin’ It
Jalapeño stared at Aleks who for some reason started twerkin’ in the middle of the hallway after the assembly.
“Stop twerkin’ it,” Jalapeño said and slapped Aleks in the back of his head.
“Ow! Dude what the heck!” Aleks said rubbing the back of his head.
“Hehehehe,” Jeff just stood there giggling.
“Well I gotta go to my locker see you guys later!” Jalapeño said and walked down the hall then up the stairs towards his locker.  Unlocking it he grabbed his books for math, science, music, and spanish.  As Jalapeño closed his locker and locked it felt like someone was staring at him.  Turning around he saw a girl with black and blue hair, a black beanie, black shirt, white jeans and
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The Life of Jalapeno Chapter 5 Twerk it
The Life of Jalapeño: Twerk It
Please follow the teacher you are with currently to the auditorium for an assembly,” Mr.WeeWorld said over the intercom.
“Okay class well that’s it for today grab your stuff and follow me,” Mr. Bret said and started walking out the door.
Jalapeño turned towards Aleks who was walking next to him, “I wonder what this assembly is about.” 
“Me too,” Aleks said still fumbling with his books and trying to get his papers in the folders.
“Hey Jalapeño hi Aleks,” Kaylee called as she skipped over next to me.
“Oh hey Kaylee,”Aleks sa
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The Life of Jalapeno Chapter 4 So Sexah
The Life of Jalapeño: So Sexah
Jalapeño walked down the street taking his usual turn on Avenue Street.  Suddenly he heard foot steps bounding towards him.  Whipping around he saw James running up to him with a huge grin plastered across his face.  Jalapeño stood there for a second not sure if to keep walking or wait.  Deciding to be nice because James was a pretty cool guy he waited.
"Hey Jalapeño what's up?"James asked.
"Oh you know...just walking to school," Jalapeño shrugged.
"Hey do you mind if I walk with you to school?" James asked looking at me.
"Um yeah sure," Jalapeño nodded and continued walking.
They soon arrived at school and stopped by their
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The Life of Jalapeno Chapter 3 More Murican
The Life of Jalapeño: More Murican
“Okay so I got Call of Duty, Halo 4, Left 4 Dead one and two um a bunch of other games I don’t feel like naming,” Jalapeño said as he lazily looked through his games.
Jeff slid down onto the floor next to Jalapeño and started shuffling through the games.  Jalapeño looked over at Ramafactions who was stuffing his face with BBQ chips
“Damn you are such a pig Rama bro,” Jalapeño giggled.
Ramafactions shrugged and kept stuffing his face.
“Fudge it! Let’s
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The Life of Jalapeno Chapter 2 My Mom!
The Life of Jalapeño: My Mom!
Jalapeño shoved his books in his bag and swung it over his shoulder.  He walked down the hall when suddenly he felt someone grab his arm.
"Ahh-" his scream was muffled when a hand covered his mouth.
"Geez will you be quiet Jalapeño!" the person said and spun him around.  He then took his hand away from his mouth.
"James what the fuck are you doing here? I thought you moved to Paris!"Jalapeño shouted crossing his arms over his chest,"not to mention you scared the daylights outta me!"
"Heh sorry," James rubbed the back of his head,"Anyway I didn't really like Paris so I'd thought why not move back to the states!"
"Right...Anyway I gotta gooo so see you tomorrow I guess,"Jalapeño said and quickly walked down the hall to meet up with Jeff and Ramafactions.
"Dude where have you been?" Ramafactions asked.
"Yeah we were about to leave without you!" Jeff said nodding as he ate s
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The Life of Jalapeno Characters
Main Character-
Jalapeño Spicer (Boy)
Jalapeño's Mom:
Miel Boo Boo Niño Spicer (Girl)
Ramafactions Factionsrama Ramafactions (Boy)
Jeff Nero Hardytasic Asshole (Boy)
Best Friend S. Forever Ding (Boy)
Aleks YoloMcSwaggerDaddy(Boy)
Love Interest-
James Martyn (Boy)
Kaylee Jordan  (Girl)
Mr.Michaels (Boy)
Mr.Mistake (Boy)
Mrs.Tigers (Girl)
Mr.WeeWorld (Boy)
Mrs.FlowyFingers (Girl)
Mr.NickyYukYuk (Boy)
Mrs.Moirails4Lyf (Girl)
Mr.Bret (Boy)
Mrs.Dani (Girl)
Crazy person-
Luna Ravencraft (Girl)
Crazy Person's Inanimate Objects-
Pablo The Ladybug
Pablo The Rock
Walnut Friend
Those Stupid Bitches Who Hit On Jalapeño-
Kimmy Swagshit
Michelle McBitch
Tayla YoloFuck
Nicole SuckDic
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